Waste to Power Initiatives of Contec Global Group by Dr. Benoy Berry

Economic growth and improved technology systems around the global signify an increase in energy demands. Improved efficiencies within the energy sector is due, in part, to a greater degree of privatization, which encourages investment and helps create competition and innovation within the market. A field that is of particular interest to Contec Global Group is the “Waste to Power” model.

Waste to Power aims to help communities manage their environments, waste, and energy output, which leads to improved efficiencies in infrastructure and energy production. Several key projects of the Contec Global Group Energy vertical seek to implement a number of solutions, such as managing solid waste without a reliance on landfills; properly disposing of sewage and wastewater; decreasing generation of greenhouse gases and increasing the generation of renewable clean energy; and promoting sustainable energy production and development that will help increase quality of life within a given community.

About the Author: Dr. Benoy Berry founded the Contec Global Group in 1984 and currently serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.