Contec Global Group’s Social Responsibility Initiatives by Dr. Benoy Berry

Contec Global Group believes in the dignity, sovereignty, and potential of every individual on the planet. Through three critical initiatives, Contec Global does its part to help empower people to succeed and create their own destinies.

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With a primary emphasis on grassroots initiatives that supply physical and financial resources for educational programs, healthcare facilities, and technology improvements, as well as infrastructure grants, the Contec Global Foundation offers assistance and development to countries throughout Africa.

Building a bridge from Africa to the rest of the world is a key initiative of Contec Global Group. The company’s African Secretariat helps facilitate cultural and economic exchanges at multiple levels in order to foster positive developmental activities.

Jaago Bharat, or “Wake Up India,” is a non-governmental organization that serves as an advocate on behalf of the Indian population and helps empower citizens to leverage their resources at hand in order to tackle key social issues.

About the Author: Dr. Benoy Berry has been the Chief Executive Officer of the Contec Global Group since founding the company in 1984.