Simple Ways to Contribute to the Fight against Human Trafficking

Fight against Human Trafficking pic
Fight against Human Trafficking

An executive in the biometric technology industry, Dr. Benoy Berry founded Contec Global more than 30 years ago. Recently, Dr. Benoy Berry received an award for his patronage of the National Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign, which focuses on putting an end to child abuse and human trafficking in Nigeria.

A simple act that anyone can perform to participate in the fight against human trafficking is to educate him- or herself on the statistics of the trade as well as the needs of former trafficked individuals who escape from its influence. Many nonprofits provide online resources designed to give people a basic education on issues related to the cause.

Another act that contributes to ending human trafficking is the socially responsible purchase of goods. Though many corporations do not directly condone the use of slavery in their production processes, many companies within corporate supply chains harvest raw materials through labour from individuals who have been trafficked. Consumers can help fight against trafficking by choosing to buy from companies that show a commitment to fair-trade farming and mining.

For those who seek a more active opportunity to help end human trafficking, many nonprofit organisations across the world are continuously seeking volunteers to fundraise, advocate, and donate time to help raise awareness for the movement.


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