About Benoy Berry

As founder and CEO of Contec Global, Benoy Berry leads a company with extensive undertakings in a number of key industries. These include ventures in secure technologies, hospitality, research and development, and infrastructure projects. Under Benoy Berry’s guiding hand, Contec Global maintains a strong presence in Africa, although more recently the company has expanded into Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and America.

In 2008, Benoy Berry adopted the strategic goal of staking a significant claim in the energy sector. A number of factors played a role in this decision, including the developing world’s projected increase in demand for energy over the next decade. Benoy Berry envisions Contec Global as a leader in the areas of oil, gas, and power as the company moves forward. He also called on the company to embark on innovative projects in alternative technology. One such project is the development of an ammonia powered vehicle. Another entails working with China on the development of a market-competitive electric car.

Benoy Berry also seeks to develop cost-effective waste-to-power solutions. The goal is to produce projects that produce “zero disposal” by achieving maximum recovery of resources in the form of electricity, steam, metals, and construction aggregate.

Prior to founding Contec Global, Benoy Berry received a Ph.D. in Communication Arts from the World Open University. He earned a Master of Arts in Finance from the Delhi School of Economics and majored in Economics as an undergraduate at Delhi University. Berry’s business achievements have earned him wide-ranging respect, including appointment as Honorary Consul General for the Republic of Burundi to India.