Contec Global’s African Secretariat Program

As the chairman and chief executive officer of Continental Transfer Technique Limited (Contec Global), Benoy Berry leads the company in providing a range of integrated, systems-based solutions across the energy, infrastructure, and hospitality industries. Additionally, Benoy Berry is a strong supporter of the firm’s various corporate social responsibility initiatives, including the African Secretariat campaign.

The African Secretariat aims to connect Africa to the rest of the world by increasing trade and business investment in the region, as well as by improving cultural exchange between Africa and other countries. One of the most ambitious initiatives in the company’s history, African Secretariat draws on Contec Global’s sustained presence in Africa to encourage economic cooperation with countries such as India, thereby strengthening the continent’s position in the global economy.

Rather than relying on humanitarian aid, Contec Global’s African Secretariat initiative intends to leverage Africa’s human and natural resources to bring the continent into self-sustaining private partnerships.


CONTEC Receives Excellence Award from NIS

For over three decades, Benoy Berry has served as chairman and CEO of the technological services firm Continental Transfer Technique Limited (CONTEC). Based in London, England, Benoy Berry serves clients across the globe by providing secure systems and biometrics programs.

With locations in India, Africa, Europe, and the United States, CONTEC has led international projects for several governments, including the development of electronic visas, vehicle tracking devices, and a new residence permit system in Nigeria. In September 2014, CONTEC was honored with the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Recognition of Excellence Service Delivery award.

The NIS announced CONTEC’s award during an event that also recognized Comptroller General David Parradang for his 50 years of service to the country. In a speech, Parradang commended CONTEC for its dedication to providing practical technological services to the NIS, recognizing the 15-year partnership between CONTEC and the African community. In addition to Nigeria’s permit system, nearly half of Africa’s people use technological systems developed by CONTEC.

CONTEC Corporate Social Responsibility Program Supports Jaago Bharat

A business leader and humanitarian, Benoy Berry leads Continental Transfer Technique Limited (CONTEC), a global company focused on security solutions projects and technology-based solutions. Benoy Berry also supports a number of philanthropic endeavors through CONTEC’s corporate social responsibility program.

Among its many initiatives, CONTEC supports a non-governmental organization (NGO) called Jaago Bharat, or Wake Up India, which works to empower action and advocate for resources that address key social issues. The organization operates on the belief that individual citizens have a responsibility to drive positive change in the community, and it promotes a project-based approach to sustainable transformation. By employing a project-based model of operation, Jaago Bharat doesn’t limit itself to a specific agenda, allowing it to address a wide range of issues when new concerns are identified.

The organization explains that India’s more than a billion citizens are capable of uniting to create a significant force for social change. Instead of considering the large population as a concern, Jaago Bharat encourages India to harness its collective strength to improve the nation.