NAPTIP Collaborates with Hajj Commission to Fight Human Trafficking

Over the course of his career as a sales and marketing executive, Benoy Berry has established himself as a business leader in Nigeria. Aside from his work as the chairman and chief executive officer of Contec Global, Benoy Berry remains firmly dedicated to supporting the fight against human trafficking. He is a patron of the National Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign, a project of the National Agency for Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and Other Related Matters (NAPTIP) in Nigeria.

In addition to sponsoring its own anti-human trafficking initiatives, NAPTIP regularly collaborates with like-minded organizations in Nigeria and beyond. In July 2015, NAPTIP joined forces with the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria to eliminate human trafficking and illegal stay after Hajj, the annual religious pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. In particular, the two organizations targeted Nigerians who traffic people to Saudi Arabia for the purposes of prostitution, begging, and other offenses. The organizations also identified certain loopholes in previous Hajj operations and worked to close them in an efficient manner.


International Association Strengthens Field of Science Journalism

As CEO and chairman for Contec Global Inc., Benoy Berry leads a technology firm with a presence in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and America. In recognition of his company’s enduring success in biometrics and e-governance in Africa, Benoy Berry earned the inaugural Outstanding Achievement in Technology Award, granted by the Nigerian Association of Science Journalists (NASJ). Affiliated with the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ), NASJ provides a platform for dialogue between the Nigerian science community and the media.

WFSJ represents the interests of science journalism associations around the globe. In addition to promoting strong coverage of science and technology topics, WFSJ provides educational offerings to support science journalists’ knowledge and career growth. Through its activities, WFSJ promotes an atmosphere of collegiality and encourages professional networking to help strengthen the community of science journalists.

Established in 2002, WFSJ has 48 full member organizations, which include international, national, and regional associations of science journalists, along with three associate members. A seven-member governing board with representatives from four continents oversees the federation.

NAPTIP Highlights Newly Approved Anti-Human Trafficking Act in Nigeria

As the CEO and chairman of Continental Transfer Technique Limited (CONTEC), Benoy Berry leads a global enterprise that specializes in providing technology-based and security solutions. Benoy Berry balances his responsibilities at Contec Global with his work on an anti-human trafficking campaign of the National Agency for Prohibition of Traffic in Persons (NAPTIP) in Nigeria.

In a recent press release, NAPTIP discussed Nigeria’s approval of the Trafficking in Persons (Prohibition) Enforcement and Administration Act, 2015. The act was passed by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan after the National Assembly re-enacted that country’s anti-human trafficking legislation by repealing previous regulation and passing the new law. According to NAPTIP, officials determined that the former legislation wasn’t effectively deterring trafficking in persons (TIP) because new, unaddressed activities had developed since 2003, the year the law was first enacted.

NAPTIP explained that the criminal justice system was faced with a number of offenses, such as exploitation for organ removal purposes, which could not be criminalized under the former legislation despite conflict with international protocol. By criminalizing additional TIP activities and increasing penalties, NAPTIP believes the newly approved act ensures that Nigeria now has one of the best legal frameworks to address TIP in the world.